37. The Chosen P2 – Is the US a Corporation

Sections of this documentary contains material that is subject to “Fair Use” for educational purposes as per Copyright Act of 1976, 17 U.S.C. ยง 107.

The Chosen, Lies & Illusion is primarily about exposing those who really run the world from behind the scenes and by what means they have been able to achieve it. Contained within, are many of the historical events over the past 100 years that have allowed this secret cabal to run things without anyone knowing. Please do not take the material within as a basis for singling out individuals or promoting hatred or defamatory allegations towards groups or individuals. These are points, facts & believed facts that many are not willing to talk about or simply do not know. Please open your mind to the possibilities, be skeptical, do your own research, critical thinking and always follow the money like any good detective. We as a race (human) are not beyond the web of deception the Elite of the world have webbed, but until you understand it for what it is, you cannot go about changing it for the better. Wake up to the truth because the truth is the only thing that will set you free. No politician, religion, or ideology will ever solve humanities problems only visibility & truth will… something humanity still has a problem with. If you want to know more about truth, watch comedians as they are the only people publicly licensed to tell the truth.

Some additional commentary (written opinion), are those from the facilitator of this documentary compilation through research and common sense. It is recommended that no-one ever take the opinion of another as truth as truth can only be realized not taught.

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