About Bruce Riggs

About Bruce Ray

Those who fail to learn the lessons of history, are doomed to repeat it.

Bruce Ray Riggs is a Paleoconservative / Libertarian with core Conservative values, fused with Founders era liberal thought such as Thomas Jefferson, not the modern definition/manifestation of liberalism which has declined into progressivism.

Bruce, when approaching any issue when it comes to his constituency, first and foremost cares about representation of what they wish him to stand for and against, but ultimately, his priority is the Constitution. Regardless of what he or others may want, his service is to his constituents, but his obligation is and always will be to the rule of law.


Bruce Ray is a Christian, and as such, he goes by what the Constitution clearly states. We are ALL endowed by Our Creator, with certain unalienable rights. The right to life being the first, is sacrosanct. Bruce will not support, condone, or ever vote for any measure in which is included any funding or support for the killing of the unborn. It may shock many as to why however as his position has little to do with his faith. In his interpretation of the Constitution, he believes that nowhere in the Constitution does it place this authority into the hands of government. Therefore, as such he believes it his duty to stand against it politically. As it so is his position that it is morally wrong.


Bruce feels it is the parent’s right to choose the curriculum of their children. It is not only NOT the position of the Federal Government, but he believes that the Constitution completely is against any measure of Federal involvement in the education of children.


– Show us the law. It does not exist, and it is our belief that Income Tax is a redistribution of wealth scheme. Bruce believes in a total and complete free market. Regulatory restrictions on FRAUD and DECEPTION being the only valid restrictions to exist. We believe in the free and voluntary trade between people. Allow the market to naturally set the parameters, while lending very limited power to the government for the protection of employees in common sense ways such as the need to prevent corporations from exploiting people to the point of endangering them. No more, no less.


NO….. It is wholly Unconstitutional.

Bruce Ray is a Constitutional researcher and historian. He has uncovered a great many deceptions and lies we have been told about history, government and the relation of the two which has taken us from Constitutional to Corporate. How the modern debt slave came into being is what he wishes to expose and solve. He has peaceful and clear solutions that are revealed in the body of a 32 page pdf. Which is on this site.